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The Highest Quality Italian Terracotta

The Manetti family has been producing terracotta since 1780. Located in Ferrone, Italy, they continue to produce exceptional quality terracotta tiles in strict compliance with the ancient traditions of Impruneta.

The clay of Impruneta is incredibly unique and Cotto Manetti are the only existing manufacturer of authentic terracotta. Their terracotta is the most dense in the world which makes the production more complex because it takes much longer for the tiles to dry up and to fire them. Once the terracotta is fired, it has unique characteristics in terms of robustness, water absorption, resistance to frost, to chemicals, mechanical resistance and a very low porosity. All these characteristics make their terracotta incredibly durable with the capacity for it to get better and more dense over time.


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Cotto Manetti Terracotta

Tradition & Innovation for Architectural Spaces

The experience Cotto Manetti have acquired in three centuries combined with the uniqueness of the clay used results in a material with distinctive characteristics in colour, resistance and robustness.

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