Sairin Collection

Color White Mix SAR1, Beige Mix SAR2, Red SAR3,

Black SAR4, White SAR-1C, Black SAR-4C

Brand INAX
Glaze Gloss, Matte
Material Glazed Porcelain
Origin Japan
Suitable for Indoor, Outdoor


Sairin is available in a number of beautiful colors and glazes.

Architectural ceramics provide a beautiful, maintenance-free alternative to paint and render and a sculptural surface with a textural character that cannot be achieved using normal composite cladding panels. INAX exterior ceramics create a seamless aesthetic, effectively covering joints in concrete slabs and wrapping crisply around right angles using precisely-crafted mitered corner pieces. Many of the INAX designs can also be used on curved walls.

Exterior ceramics are renowned not only for their ease of maintenance but also for their ability to extend building longevity, this is evidenced in the large number of timber-framed buildings in Japan that have engineered architectural wall cladding, effectively protecting them from moisture deterioration over time. The majority of the architectural ceramics by INAX have been designed and carefully engineered to be installed without grout, ensuring that the building structure is protected from the elements. The elasticity inherent in the ceramic adhesive replaces the job that the grout would traditionally undertake.

The advantage of this is that it avoids the development of potential unsightly grout cracks due to undue building movement. These carefully engineered architectural ceramics effectively protect the structure from rain and other environmental elements while maintaining their original color, form, and unique textural beauty. INAX complies with Environmental Management Systems ISO14001 and INAX ceramics contain a minimum of 40% recycled material content.


Dimension of sheet

Size/pc 195×32.5mm
Size/sht (Actual) 195×295mm
Size/sht (Nominal) 200×300mm
Thickness 9.5mm
Joint 5mm
Quantity/sqm 16.7shts
Quantity/ctn 15shts
Weight/ctn 13.5kg








Additional information


Beige, Black, Red, White



Suitable for

Bathroom, Indoor, kitchen, Outdoor


Gloss, Matte


Glazed Porcelain