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Masti Spec Sheet – Porcelain

Masti Spec Sheet - Porcelain

Masti Spec Sheet – Porcelain




Inspired by Venetian seminato, it not only reinterprets Capo’s colours, but it also offers new shades enriched with flakes of material that run throughout the thickness.

COLORS – An extensive colour range including neutral shades and new, trendy Italian interior colours to interpret projects with character and a very personal style.

EXCLUSIVE ANTIBACTERIAL TECHNOLOGY – Healthy, safe and protected surfaces, because the integrated PROTECT antibacterial technology eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria.

A clear homage to historic Venetian flooring, Piece offers an original balance between the chromatic tones of the base tiles and that of the seminato. The body mix is enriched with material flakes, which are clearly visible on the edge and which run throughout the thickness of the tile.

Sizes 9 mm

48″ x 48″ – Natural, Rough

24″ x 48″ – Natural, Rough

24″ x 24″ – Natural, Rough

12″ x 24″ – Natural, Rough

Size 20 mm

24″ x 48″



Battiscopa                    Angolo dx gradino plus                     Angolo sx gradino plus                          Gradino plus

3″x24″                                 13 ¾”x48″                                        13 ¾”x48″                                           13 ¾”x48″

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grip, Natural

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