Satinato (Superficie Sannini)

Brand Cotto Manetti
Material Terracota
Suitable for Outdoor
Origin Italy



Extruded terra cotta obtained through a new procedure studied to create a soft, velvety finish. With Cotto Satinato a refined alternative to the Arrotato finish, reinterpreting a solid tradition in an original way, is offered. Achieved prior to firing with special abrasive grindstones.

The Manetti family has been producing terracotta for eight generations. Located in Ferrone, Italy, they produce exceptional quality terracotta tiles in strict compliance with the ancient traditions of Impruneta. The experience they have acquired in three centuries combined with the uniqueness of the clay used results in a material with distinctive characteristics in color, resistance, and robustness

.If we want to discover how the clay that has always been used for the production of terracotta was formed, we have to go back very far in time and space.
Our voyage would begin about two hundred million years ago, in the middle of what is now the Tyrrhenian Sea. At the bottom of the Ocean of Tethys, thousands of meters deep, with extreme conditions of temperature and pressure, where residues of the disintegration of the immersed surrounding lands were accumulating. Coastal plains were periodically invaded by tides which bordered the area to the east and south with landscapes very similar to today’s tropical areas, with calcareous and evaporitic deposits.



width height depth
300mm 150mm 15mm
360mm 180mm 15mm
250mm 250mm 13mm
300mm 300mm 14mm



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