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Magnetic Flooring: Everything You Need to Know

In the year 2021, we have stepped into an entirely new decade, and hence we strive to look for a fresh start. All of us want something new, sustainable, and environment-friendly. Therefore, we are looking for all possible options that serve the purpose. Additionally, there is a need to explore new innovations. Therefore, we look for exceptionally different ideas. Home decoration, flooring, and painting take a lot – both in terms of time and money. The best bet is to choose something long-lasting and up to date that can be inexpensive and easy to install (So easy anybody can do it). In this article, we are going to dive into different and exciting new flooring options, such as magnetic flooring, and go into everything you need to know about this new flooring technology.

What is Magnetic Flooring?

Here the question that arises is, “what is magnetic flooring?” Simply put, a magnetic floor comprises a super-secure bond between the magnet underlayment and the magnetic bottom of the floor or subflooring (Learn the difference between subfloor vs. underlayment here). The bottom contains small iron pieces to allow the surface to adhere or stick together.

In other words, the magnets located in the underlayment attract a receptive layer in the finished flooring. This causes the magnetic attraction to form a secure bond that locks the floors into place.

Who can benefit from Magnetic Flooring?

Anybody can benefit from Magnetic Flooring. The beauty of magnetic flooring is the effectiveness and the simplicity it offers. Hotels can benefit from this since it is an extremely cost-effective solution with no downtime. They can change designs as many times as they want, making their hotels stay up to date with the latest design trends. If you are a homeowner looking for a low-budget flooring solution, magnetic flooring is your best bet. You can avoid having to hire a team to remove your current floors and install your new ones. Saving you thousands of dollars. Instead, you can place our mat over your current floor and have magnetic flooring installed in hours. Warehouse owners could also benefit from magnetic flooring. Magnetic flooring can withstand heavy loads and even be driven on with a forklift.

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Project: Bentley Hotel South Beach, Miami, FL. | Local Dealer: Ajami Surfaces

Features of Magnetic Flooring

Safe Magnetic Flooring

Many adhesives used in ordinary flooring are not only expensive but harmful as well. However, magnetic flooring is an exceptionally low VOC flooring option that allows minimum emission of volatile substances. This is because the magnetic attraction between the two surfaces rules out the need for flooring glue that makes it harmful. Hence, the risk of VOC exposure can be significantly reduced by using magnetic flooring tiles.

Another big concern that usually bothers the buyers is the floorings’ impact on electronics such as credit cards, computers, pacemakers, etc. To break the bubble, the flooring is safe for all such electronic appliances whatsoever. So, the safety of magnetic flooring is not a problem.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Choice

If you are a keen advocate of sustainability and using eco-friendly choices at your home, you got a lead! Magnetic flooring surfaces offer the maximum environment-friendly options to go with. Since these floors are long-lasting, you do not have to worry about them being eroding and posing any threat to your environment.

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Stable Flooring Options

A lot of people wonder about the stability of flooring options – particularly as it comes to areas with many people around. That is a very legitimate concern. In the case of magnetic flooring surfaces, the magnets are strong in their attractive forces. Moreover, when the floor is placed, it is cut to fit the size or space available. Magnetic flooring is so durable you can drive a forklift over it with no issue. On the occasion that a piece breaks or gets scratched, replacing the piece is as easy as peeling it off and replacing it with a new piece. Making it extremely cost-effective and easy to replace.

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How to Install Magnetic Flooring

The installation of magnetic flooring is super easy. You can change your floor whenever you desire to. All you must do is replace the floor planks with a bunch of newer ones which then adhere via magnetic backing to the underlayment of the floor surfaces.

The strong magnetic adhesion in no way is lesser in performance or strength than the conventional floors. Moreover, no adhesive chemicals or glue are used. Therefore, the whole process becomes a lot easier.

The process involves setting your flooring planks or rolls on the underlayment. The iron traces in the flooring surface adhere to the magnets present in the underlayment. This system of magnetic floor installation is rather a “click-together” flooring system.

magnetic flooring installation
Founder Raffoul Ajami Installing Magnetic Flooring

Magnetic Flooring Frequently Asked Questions

Is Magnetic Flooring Safe for Your Family?

Absolutely! We understand that adhesives used in most flooring products can be harmful. Fortunately, magnetic flooring can be a low-VOC flooring choice because it doesn’t need the use of flooring glue during installation. And if you choose to opt for something like non-toxic laminate flooring, magnetic flooring can help reduce your family’s VOC exposure tremendously.

Is Magnetic Flooring Safe for Your Electronic Devices?

A huge concern we have noticed in our magnetic flooring customers is the fear of the magnets affecting credit cards, computers, and other electronics.

The answer is NO! The magnets have been thoroughly tested and the data shows that the magnets will not impact pacemakers, electronics, or anything else in your home. So no need to worry, your family and electronics will be safe. You can read the full study on Magnetic Flooring Safety here.

Are Magnetic Floors Safe For The Environment?

Magnetic Floors can absolutely be safe for the environment. Are you in need to replace your carpet with different types of wood flooring? Thanks to magnetic flooring, you can quickly update your flooring without sending a ton of materials to the landfill or using harmful chemicals found in the adhesive.

If you have been looking into eco-friendly flooring options, magnetic flooring is a great choice. With the ability to quickly change broken pieces, or types of flooring, magnetic floors will last longer and save you the headache of throwing materials out after use. Moving out? Simply pack up your magnetic flooring and it will be ready to install in your new home once you move in.

Where Are the Magnets?

The magnets are found inside the underlayment. It acts a grid-like pattern with a system of thin magnets. You simply just roll out the product on top of your subfloor without any glue or nails. The weight of the underlayment is about .6 lbs. per square foot and it keeps it in place so you don’t have to worry about securing it. Once you have fit it to the appropriate size, the magnetic floor will secure itself as you place them

Advantages of Magnetic Flooring

Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why magnetic flooring is one of the trendiest do-it-yourself flooring solutions in 2021.

Magnetic Tile is Tax Depreciable in 5 years

From the IRS perspective, it is the ease of removal that would make the magnetic tile depreciable over the 5 year period.

Because of the relative ease of removal, it is treated as personal property. When flooring is permanent in nature; because of how they are affixed to the property, they are depreciated over a 27.5 year period. 

You have a plethora of options to choose from

Magnetic flooring is a concept, and you have thousands of options that you can choose from. Whichever type you desire – be it carpet, ceramic, vinyl plank, laminate, LVT – or any other. Wood, Porcelain, Stone, and Carpet tiles are available.

Alternatively, if your partner wants a carpeted floor, but you want a laminated one, it’s time that you switch to magnetic flooring solutions. You must be wondering why? Well, it is easier to put in, and you can change the flooring after every season. Because the magnetic repairs and installations are quick and convenient, you can have them quite handy.

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Flooring that is Water-Proof

No matter the circumstances, magnetic surfaces can handle anything. If it gets wet, there is no problem. Due to the way the magnetic is installed, moisture can escape the planks with ease. To dry, simply wipe a towel over the surface.

Universal Solution for Walls and Backsplashes

We have another great news for you. You must be wondering what it is? Here we go into it.

It is not for the floors only, and you can use magnetic tiles for walls or backsplashes as well. Hence, that gives you the option to put relevant tiles on the floor and walls to make the ambiance stand out more! The ability to change them easily and whenever you want also makes them quite a universal solution.

Founder Raffoul Ajami Showcasing Magnetic Wallpaper

Easy and Straightforward Repairing Anyone can Do

Floor repairing has been one of the biggest drawbacks of traditional flooring. Repairing is not only hectic but costly as well. In fact, repairing one tile may lead to damaging many others. Therefore, one must go for a solution that does not involve breaking or putting off. For instance, for a magnetic tile, all you must do is pull up the planks with a suction cup! Since there is no gluing, you can easily pull the upper layer apart.

Makes Your Home Stand Out

In the year 2021, what we look for is diversity and uniqueness. The magnetic floors provide an incredibly unique idea to bring around. Although it is not as widely available as many other floors, you will definitely look for it because of its exceptional benefits.

magnetic flooring. wood look

Disadvantages of Magnetic Flooring

Of course, with every advantage, there are some disadvantages to magnetic floors as well. Below, are a list of the most common cons.

Magnetic Floors Is So New, It’s Not Widely Available

A problem with new trendsetters is that you, unfortunately, have to work with fewer options since it’s so new. Since it’s so new, you won’t find too many options on the market. Luckily, Ajami Surfaces is one of the exclusive Magnetic Floors retailers in all of South Florida. Check out our Magnetic Flooring selections. It is worth noting that since Ajami Surfaces is a local retailer, Ajami can track down and source any product or style you are looking for. With 50 years of experience, Ajami Surfaces has established respectable relationships with the biggest manufacturers in the flooring industry. Good luck getting that kind of service at a box store.

Magnetic Surfaces & The Floating Floor Disadvantages

Most of the disadvantages of floating floors are related to sound amplification and humidity. While magnetic floors is not exactly the same as a floating floor, they do share some issues. This is a reason why the magnetic floors is only available for indoor spaces.

Both magnetic surfaces and floating floors come down to the space between the subflooring and the flooring, meaning that using an appropriate underlayment can help mitigate the problem.

The Verdict

Magnetic floors are undoubtedly the best choice for today’s DIY floor ideas. You can change them whenever you desire at a low cost. Alternatively, you have plenty of options and choices when it comes to flooring installation and repair. Little maintenance is usually required for magnetic surfaces, making it the best choice for every household!

In conclusion, anybody can benefit from a magnetic surface due to the elegance and simplicity it offers. If you have an idea of what you are looking for or have no clue where to start, at Ajami Surfaces we are happy to guide you through the remodeling process and make sure you find something you love and that will make any surface stand out. Visit our showroom located in Miami, Florida today to get started!

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