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February 2018


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About Ajami Surfaces:

Ajami’s Surfaces internal structure ensures that clients benefit from continuous first-class attention. Every project is guaranteed to unfold smoothly, accurately, with reliability and while staying true to the original plans.

For designer clients we use design tables to facilitate the selection and presentation process and encourage the use of their own fabrics and paint colors in order to visualize the ideal product and bring it to life using our several custom lines.

For builder clients we work with installers and help homebuyers in the selection process.

We are also able to produce identical take offs using only a pdf file and have streamlined our bidding for quick turnaround.

For installers we work with their clients in the selection process. We also make sure they have all products needed to complete the job in a timely manner.

With unique dedication and relentlessness, we guarantee our client's expectations will not only be met, but also transcended as our mission is to continue providing the unsurpassed level of quality we have become renowned for in South Florida since 1971.

Ajami Surfaces Is A Proud Member Of:

  • Natural Stone Institute
  • National Wood Flooring & Association
  • National Tile Contractors Association
  • Tile Council of North America
  • The Home Trust

About The Founder:

When Raffoul Ajami arrived in Cumberland, Rhode Island he immediately began learning the art of carpet installation. His first project was the Boston Opera House, and in 1969, he moved to Miami as an assistant to a subcontractor of Miami Rug. Two years later he opened the doors to Ajami Surfaces and focused on carpet installation. Ajami Surfaces’ current warehouse was built under his supervision, and the business has now grown into one of the leading, family-owned and operated surfaces company in South Florida.

“I am always studying my craft and looking for what's new and innovative because learning is a lifelong process. Staying current has also helped make Ajami an industry leader in South Florida, even through an recession other companies didn’t see through. I’m proud of our accomplishments, our resilience, and of our 47 years in the business.” -Raffoul Ajami, President of Ajami Surfaces

Let’s connect and discuss how Ajami can be of service to you!

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