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Signature Porcelain Collections

Slide Pedra Raffinato Sizes 12”x 24″, 24”x24”, 24”x48”, 48”x48” mosaic, 12”x12” Pedra Raffinato showcases a harmonious surface full of elegance that comes from the natural texture. It draws inspiration from limestone sourced from the Iberian Peninsula and is characterized by a slightly wavy graphic, in which light areas and dark ring marks alternate in a skillful balance of forms. The presence of delicate fossil inclusions embellishes and defines a skilfully balanced surface.

The collection features soft, natural shades, that clothe rooms in a solid, contemporary aesthetic. The Natural color is faithful to the original material, flanked by the earthy and warm Greige color, the light-colored Ivory, and the Grey cold nuance.

Slide fioccio terrazo porcelain tile Fioccio Terrazo Sizes 24" x 24, "12 x 24" The sophistication and charm of traditional Venetian terrazzo are brought back to life with a contemporary twist in the Fioccio collection. Venetian terrazzo, a material resulting from the amalgamation of chips of marble, stones, cement components, and natural oxides, is widespread in prestigious residences across the globe, from Venice during the Italian Renaissance to elegant Liberty-style buildings.

In Fiocco, irregular chips of pebbles and marble make up an even pattern packed with details, available in small and medium grain size, in cold and warm hues, favoring contemporary combinations and creative games of volumes and surfaces.

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Slide Molton iron bathroom porcelain tile 120"×120", 60"×120", 75"×150", 75"×75", 60"×60", 30"×60" Molton Sizes Concrete is versatile; it comes to life without any shape and because it provides for countless formal options, from smooth finishes to rough surfaces, with a very diverse aesthetic.

Molton evokes the concrete manually mixed by skilled carpenters and craftsmen, who use their tools to blend it with rocks and gravel of varying coarseness. The collection stands out for gravel clusters of varying sizes scattered randomly, which remind of fresh concrete casts in formworks or molds, two techniques where concrete material is processed until it reaches a shape of its own. Molton is produced in Mist (white), Cinder (light grey), Nickel (muddy grey), and Iron (dark grey)

Slide Blocco artisan tile 9mm
120×120 cm, 75×150 cm , 75×75 cm, 60×120 cm , 60×60 cm, 30×60 cm

90×90 cm
Blocco Sizes Blocco draws inspiration from concrete in the form closest to the natural elements it is made of: rock, clay, and limestone. Gravel and rocks of varying coarseness emerge to the surface as if immersed in concrete in a semi-liquid state. Produced in Mist white and three shades of grey – light Cinder, Dark Iron, and Muddy Nickel – Blocco is available with a matt or soft finish, with a soft hand, and a very pleasant tactile texture.

Slide 9mm
60×120 cm / 24”x48” R, 60×60 cm / 24”x24” R, 30×60 cm / 12”x24” R
60×60 cm / 24”x24” R
Blen Blen Porcelain Tile Sizes From the skillful selection of different stones, with diverse origins and characteristics, Ajami Surfaces has created a collection in which inspiring materials blend together to form hybrid surfaces, made unique by overlapping signs, shades, and soft material effects. A new product, with a natural style but with a sophisticated spirit, which tells the charm of natural materials with a language that speaks of harmonies, balanced contrasts, and sophisticated textures. Blen combines rock, stone, and sand in an original way, translating them into fluid surfaces that present ever-changing motifs.

Perfect for any design context, private or public, Blen crosses the border between indoor and outdoor spaces, offering the possibility of designing new scenarios in interior projects that increasingly draw on and contaminate the outdoors.

Slide Lusso calacatta oro porcelain tile 12”x 24” / 24”x24” / 24”x48” / 30” x 60” / 48”x48” / 48” x 96” / 48” x 110” 6mm Lusso Sizes Calacatta Calacatta Oro is a timeless, elegant marble with origins from Italy. It features a golden beige veining throughout the whole piece and it pairs beautifully with bathrooms and fireplaces. This timeless piece gives off a sophisticated look that will visually enhance any room in your home. Calacatta Oro’s veins demonstrate a bold impression throughout the marble. Like many of the highest quality marbles made in Italy, this material is one of the finest that the earth can produce. Oro

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