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The Top 5 Artisan Tiles You Haven’t Heard About

Artisan tiles cannot be described better than something timeless and utterly sophisticated. All artisan tiles are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, with the excess clay trimmed carefully by hands. Therefore, you can imagine how much effort the artisans put on in the manufacturing of the artisan tile.

Once the tile has developed, it goes through the process of glazing and coating by using different methods. In the last step, the tiles are kept in kilns to make them strong and durable. Some of the characteristic features of an artisan tile are as follows:

The Individuality of the Artisan Tile Types

In the world of today, what we strive for are artisan tiles, with lots of individuality. However, it’s quite shocking to see that the handmade artisan floors and tiles are made from many different materials and processes.

In artisan types, there is a slight difference between all the tiles, which is because they are handmade, and there is a rule to follow whatsoever. If you are someone who needs the same patterns and design on every tile, you might choose other machine-made solutions.

botteganove plumage artisan tiles hand crafted in Italy found in ajami surfaces in miami
Plumage Artisan Tile by Botteganove

Water Resistance of Artisan Tiles

The use of artisan tile flooring is in practice for centuries. Artisan tiles are beautifully crafted with a practical approach to the designs. They are resistant to water and are very convenient to clean. Most of the artisan tiles are being used in kitchen and bathroom floors to prevent and water splashes.

However, the point to consider is that all artisan tiles are not waterproof. Yes! You read it just right. It primarily depends on the type of material that your tile is made from. For instance, if a tile is made of clay, it is more porous and less dense. On the other hand, the tiles made of porcelain it is more impervious to water and moisture. Therefore, porcelain artisan tiles are more durable.  However, you must make sure that you use them on floors that do not experience exceptionally long water exposure.

Artistically Unique but Expensive

There is no point in arguing over the costs of the artisan tiles. All the hard work, effort, and skill that the artisans put in while manufacturing these tiles make them expensive. The artisan tiles are handcrafted, so there is a fair chance of them getting variations in shades and patterns, making every artisan tile order unique. Therefore, whenever you buy the artisan tile floorings, make sure to buy 10% more than your actual estimation.

The reason for this is that if any damage occurs to one or more tiles, you can replace them. Otherwise, you will not be able to find the exact same design when you do back again!

botteganove diamantino italian artisan tile in yello and grey used for cladding or walls. found in ajami surfaces flooring and granite in miami
Diamantino Artisan Tile by Botteganove

The Installation Process is Quite Extensive

By an extensive process of installation, we generally mean that the tiles have been uniform. Therefore, the best bet is to place or lay all of them out on your floor surface. In this way, you will have an idea of where to fix which tile and how. This won’t cause any disruptions or distortions within the artisan tile patterns. Although the mosaic-type artisan tiles are difficult to put together, you must try your best to lay them out in a way that doesn’t make them look disfigured.

Top 5 Artisan Tile Designs for your Home

1. Yohen Border Artisan Tiles

The history of Yohen Border goes back to the early 2000s in Japan. INAX tiles have been developing the Yohen Borders for a long time. The first time the Yohen Border was produced for Frank Lloyd Wright for his famous Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. This goes back to 1924. The innovative designs and fantastic designs of these artisan tiles make it the best choice for a lot of people out there.

To prepare the Yohen Border artisan tiles, the ceramics are baked for real-time to create a hard and durable tile product. It is then glazed to give it a beautifully crafted look.

yohen border by Inax tile in miami fl.
Yohen Border Artisan Tile by Inax

2. Yuki Border Artisan Tiles

Yuki border requires all the precision and consistency that could bring in the manufacturing of these artisan tiles. To obtain the Yuki border, it is important to bake the ceramics for a long time – just like the Yohen Border. Therefore, they are very much the same in constituents.

You can get the Yuki borders in different colors, such as standard white, summer sun, and black. All of them give a quite different yet appealing look.

Yuki border white  by inax tile in a bathroom wall. high quality japan artisan tiles made by hand.
Yuki Border Artisan Tile by Inax

3. Plumage TPL2 Artisan Tiles

Plumage tiles are another type of artisan tile that is crafted by hand in Italy. Plummage tiles are made into depressions or elevations that mostly resemble bird’s feathers. These come in different forms and designs. The choice of color and material mostly depends on the consumer. The plumage tiles are then glazed and coated to minimize any fallout.  The collection has two different lines of tiles in two sizes, handmade and inspired by two feather patterns.

Available in all BottegaNove colors and custom colors available upon request with requirements.

Yuki border white  by inax tile in a bathroom wall. high quality japan artisan tiles made by hand.
Plumage Artisan Tile by Botteganove

4. Quadri Artisan Tiles

Artisan tiles are built from porcelain material which is impervious to moisture and humidity. Therefore, they are long-lasting and can retain excellent bold and tan colors. Such types of tiles require minimal care and can be cleaned quite easily. You can decorate them however you desire. Since the porcelain tiles come in geometric shapes, you can easily align them and make them look undistorted and completely uniform.

Quadri Artisan Tiles are a new geometry of vertical and horizontal planes manages to become as soft as cloth, and a refined weave takes shape. Sartorial tradition is intertwined with modernity in this innovative collection designed by Sebastian Herkner, an artist who pushes home decor past its limits to create fascinating new tactile sensations around the world.

Italian Artisan Tile quadri flooring by ajami surfaces in Miami
Quadri Artisan Tile by Douglas Oak

5. Plumage TPL1 Artisan Mosaic Tiles

In addition to the Plumage TPL2 Mosaic Tiles, these artisan tiles also have a Plumage TPL1 variation as well. What makes this tile unique is the ability to mix and match all the different variations. Like we mentioned on the Plumage TPL2 section, these tiles are handcrafted in Italy, making each tile and selection completely unique. The ability to hand paint these tiles make each tile have slight imperfections, adding to the feel and atmosphere of any room these tiles decorate.

Plumage Tiles by botteganove found in ajami surfaces in miami
Plumage TPL1 by Botteganove

Ajami Surfaces | Miami’s Best Artisan Tile Selection Since 1971

For 50 years, Ajami Surfaces has offered some of the most exclusive artisan tile designs for your kitchen, bathroom, terrace, or any other part of your home. The Ajami surfaces flooring and wall artisan tiles are durable, handcrafted from Italy, and offer the ability to be completely customized to your style. They give any designer creative freedom to incorporate different patterns and colors, making any home unique.

So, whether you know what you are looking for or you need some inspiration, we invite you to visit our Ajami Surfaces Showroom, located in Miami, FL. and you can be taken care of and inspired by professionals that have a strong passion for Artisan Tiles.